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Spotlight: Damen Tomassi

Name: Damen Tomassi

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Science in part with the Accelerated Masters Degree program

Club: Swimming Club  

This week’s campus profile is covering an ambitious student and the club he is attempting to revamp.

Although the Swimming Club has existed for fours years, the last few have been dry – pun intended. After the original founders of the club graduated, the team dwindled down to only four members in the spring of 2016, 21 fewer than when the club was first established.

Senior, Damen Tomassi, along with Evan Soutter, decided to take action and give life back to the program.

“Our first goal was to try and expand the program,” Tomassi said. “By advertising around campus, and recruiting past members we were able to peak our attendance at 14 members.”

It was the following semester that the club really started to take off. At just one practice in the Fall semester of 2016, the program was able to draw 50 members.

Not only are their members increasing, but the amount of swim meets they are involved in are too! “In the past we wouldn’t go to very many meets, maybe 2 per year.” Tomassi explained. “This past semester we attended 4 meets, and have 5 scheduled for the Current Semester!”

So, why even have a swim club when Rowan already provides a swim team? Well, the answer lies in the kind of environment you would like to participate in. If you are interested in lots of training and competitions, than the swim team would be your choice. But if you are looking to get some exercise, bond with other swimmers, and have fun than perhaps the Swimming Club is what you are looking for.

Additionally, Rowan sports teams tend to have limited spots on rosters for participants, making the Swimming Club “a great alternative!”

By becoming a member you will do more than just swim; you will impact the local area.

“The swim club offers the Rowan community a chance to participate in the exciting, adrenaline pounding, rush-inducing sport of Swimming.” said Tomassi. “The team is also an active community member in the Glassboro community, we have participated in various activities to benefit the Community, such as Participating in the Haunted Student Center.”

Looking into the future, Tomassi hopes that the club will continue to “grow and thrive.” What does that look like? Well, according to him it means rising “in the “ranks” of club sports” and becoming a “household name.”

If you are interested in joining the Club Swimming Team all that is required of you is to attend one of their practices: Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. in the Rec Center Pool. Be prepared to do a warm-up and either the “Advanced” workout or the “Hella Advanced,” as popularized by Soutter.

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