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Easy Nutrition on the Go

Being a college student, we all know the struggle of waking up and running straight to class. Pajamas still on and everything. We are always in a rush and, if you’re like me in anyway, you sometimes forget to eat. With a million and one things on our minds, the idea of eating sometimes gets put last on the list. Relying on fast food may seem cheap, but the grease, sodium, and everything else unhealthy catches up to you quick. Between classes, homework, clubs, and everything else in between, here’s a couple things you can grab on the go that are college budget, and health friendly.

Protein Shakes

These are quick, easy, and super convenient. Filled with vitamins and minerals, these are great way to also get your daily intake of necessities needed to keep you energized for the day. They taste like milkshakes too. Who doesn’t love a good milkshake?  


This may seem obvious, but it's for good reason. Packaged fruit definitely has to be one of the best inventions. Ever. It’s super easy, quick, and definitely healthy as well. Also, to be cost efficient, you can cut up your own fruit and package it yourself. This is a great way to keep your palette colorful and also maybe even brighten your day in between classes, as tough as that may be.


I know this may seem childish, but there's a reason kids love them. It’s definitely easy to grab, and then run out the door.  If you don’t mind packing applesauce with a spoon, go for it. But for those who are aiming for bare minimum simplicity, these applesauce pouches are for you. So while you’re running to your next class, you can just open one of these up and you’re set. You might have to grab them from the kid’s aisle, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.  

Meal Prep

This one requires a little more work than the rest, but it probably has the most benefits out of them all.  If you prep for the week, you will have a meal already set to grab for the day.  This is a way to eat a full meal on the go, instead of just snacking. Also, you can eat healthier this way. You control what you pack, and you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.  But if you want to meal prep pizza for the week, that definitely works too.

So next time you run out of the house, make it your mission to grab one of these. You’ll definitely thank yourself later the next time you’re in class, about to fall over, from starvation. Which is definitely not fun. Trust me.  


Imani is a senior at Rowan University, majoring in Communication Studies. With hopes of one day running her own Multi Media Publication and PR firm, she is a lover of anything social media, entrepreneurial and all things GIRL BOSS. She is the social media manager for Her Campus Rowan, as well as her own blogging platform It Isn't A Trend. You can find her somewhere between creating content, taking a selfie, scrolling through Instagram,  going out to eat, and drinking a glass of wine... productively of course. 
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