Do’s and Don’ts at a Frat Party

I really wish there had been more articles about this when I went to my first Frat Party. I was so nervous about getting caught/drinking/guys, that I constantly took headcount of all my friends and wore a sweatshirt (so as not to let the Police know we might be headed to a frat in our party clothes). I’ve come a long way from that, so here are my tips on how to have the best time at a party with minimal freaking out.

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  • Go in a group and stay with everyone in your group.

  • Pee with your friends. It’s better that way, trust me.

  • Bring two ponytails, one for yourself when you get sweaty, and one for your drunk friend who will wind up puking in the frat house.

  • Talk to other people and mingle.

  • Request songs at the DJ booth.

  • Look hot and wear something you are comfortable in.

  • Wear the crappiest shoes you own because they will be trashed in the morning. Designate those as your “frat shoes.”

  • Bring your own drink in case you hate what they have, or don’t feel like drinking.

  • Hold on to your own cup.

  • Drop your cup before you leave the house (esp. if there’s a cop outside).

  • Drink and be merry. Dance A LOT.


  • Go by yourself or leave your group for some guy. (Do stay together!)

  • Get drunk to the point of no return… it's not cute.

  • Make out with more than one guy at the same party. It might cause drama.

  • Drink a stranger’s drink. Stranger danger still applies at 20 something years old.

  • Be assholes to the frat brothers or their property. They don’t have to welcome you into their homes, so respect it the best you can.

  • Show up with zero ratio and expect to be let in. My friends and I have tried so many times. It just doesn’t work.

  • Worry! Seriously, don’t worry. Just have the night of your life.


Have fun everyone. Be safe out there :)