A Day at the Collingswood Book Festival

Today, October 6th, Collingswood held it's annual Book Festival on Haddon Avenue between Collings Avenue and East Stiles Avenue. The event features readings, Q&A panels, activities, and an abundance of books and bookish goods. I try to go to the Book Festival every year, but I knew I had to go this year to visit some of my favorite professors from Rowan. I chatted with Megan Atwood, who spoke on a panel about world building, and Katie Budris, representing Rowan's Glassworks Literary Magazine. After being social, I walked up and down the street, happy to give my money to so many local writers and book sellers. 

My partner picked up this comic book print from Second Time Books. It was simply too ridiculous to pass on. There was also one featuring the same heroes skiing, but ultimately this won out. 

I had been considering a similar print from some old science fiction magazine. In fact, we had bought the print and started walking away when I spotted these post cards. I mean, come on. Each one features the cover of a book, including author and ridiculous tag-line. I chose these because I loved both the titles and the art. They will have a wonderful home on my wall. 

A lot of the booths featured bookish goods constructed from old books that couldn't be read anymore. Although I loved so many of them, they were a bit out of my price range. I did happen upon this little lady, made from an old history book. I'm not sure where I'll put her, but I couldn't resist her regal command. 

 ​Believe it or not, I also picked up some books at the Collingswood Book Festival. After reading a book on the history of plagues, I've been keeping an eye out for other strange and slightly unsavory histories. Over the summer, I started reading some pretty good books on craft so I thought I'd give this one on novel writing a try. Finally, I picked up the book of European recipes because my partner and I loved eating while we were abroad. Maybe we'll be able to recreate some of those meals. 

Even if you couldn't make it to the festival this year, I highly recommend it next year. It's a great chance to connect with your local book community and Collingswood is only about 20 min away from Rowan's campus.