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Creative Corner: For Now

For now

I’ll sob into notebooks

because I can’t speak

the words I’m thinking.

I’ll collect them as memoirs

of a broken-hearted girl 

who walks the beach

hand-in-hand with a lover.


For now

I’ll say that I’m sorry,

though I don’t quite have a reason. 

I’ll not feel at ease,

just dance around the notions,

listen to Neck Deep

‘til I’m no longer drowning.


For now

I’ll bite my tongue,

let the thoughts pour 

like rain on a sunny day,

loud and sudden. 

I’ll fight the tears and plan my future, 

ensure I’m on to something more– 

to know I’m not just breathing.

I am a Writing Arts major at Rowan University. Poetry is my best friend. One day, I hope to be a successful writer for a popular magazine in NYC. My dream is to travel to Paris, London, and Rome to explore and write about my experiences there.
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