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Dear College,  

I am a full-time bank with no money it. Just how you said you cannot provide us with therapist and professors who are diverse, I can’t afford my tuition.

As ugly and as sexy as it sounds sometimes, I do have money in the bank. Just not for you. My money goes to the food that ends up in my thighs and the tears that go down my face when I step on the treadmill to get that weight down. I picked this campus the same way my ancestors got to “pick” where I come from.


The money that goes into college life I find frustrating and exhausting. When tuition is steadily rising and my starting salary is dropping, my degree will cost no different than a Michael Kors bag. What a cheap fashion statement to show my future boss. My school will pay more attention to Turnitin.com and try to investigate plagiarism and less time trying to resolve the mental health that students have during seasonal depression.

What are you telling your students?

You would rather give me a word problem with a problematic beginning with a simple answer at the end. How about we start trying to solve for X. If little Jimmy is skipping down the street with three apples, how much money does he need to find the answer to the injustices that happen on campus? Solve for x. Do not bank on the failure of your students.  


Someone who is still trying to find x 

Writing needs to be in the form of your most authentic self. Expressing yourself in the most poetic form of self love. My writing makes me feel my most comfortable. Especially writing about my faith because that is apart of my authentic self. My fear in God makes me beautiful and adding a dash of God in my writings me even more beautiful.
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