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The 7 People You Meet in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

The 7 People You Meet in College

Each fresh and eager freshmen has high expectations of the people they may meet in college. They have seen the movies, read all the articles and have heard the stories of those older than them. So here’s a rundown of the 7 most common people you will meet in college.

#7- The Person who is Involved in Everything.

This person is eccentric, friendly and a bit of an over-achiever. They are the president of at least three clubs, and are involved in about eight clubs total. They are also heavily involved in community service projects, protests and bake sales. They are an RA, have had over a dozen internships and knows every professor in their major on a first name basis. They are constantly making lists of things to do, running around with a clipboard, and will have a panic attack with the cupcakes don’t have the sparkly pink frosting for the bake sale. This person is a chipper, hyper, ticking time bomb that usually explodes during finals weeks.

#6-The Bad Roommate

The biggest worry of going away to college aside from stress, fitting in and classes is possibility of your roommate being the bad roommate. The roommate who eats all your food, and then tells you to go grocery shopping. The roommate who doesn’t knock before entering your room. They have to get ready in the bathroom only (because the mirror in the bedroom doesn’t quite seem right) and they take over an hour. Sometimes you pretend not to be home just so they won’t bother you. They wake you up when they’re drunk, they call you all the time for a favor but when you need them…where are they? The bad roommate makes you never want a roommate again. They make you eager for a place of your own someday. If you’re lucky you may never have the bad roommate.

#5-The Greeks

Greek people can either give you a good impression or a bad. There are the Greeks who are constantly wearing their letters, preaching the philosophy of it all, and most likely only hanging out with other Greeks (Sisters and Brothers of the Greek Life). Then, there is the slight (very slight) chance that you may run into the Greeks who you never thought were Greeks. They never wear the letters, never mention it and aren’t squatting full of glitter or war paint in their profile photos. Either way, you will meet a Greek in college. You may even become a Greek!

#4-The One You Think is Your Best Friend

Maybe you were floor mates, maybe you were roommates, or maybe you had the same classes all year. Whatever the case, you and this person clicked and you thought the friendship was genuine. (And it may have been) Then maybe you aren’t roommates anymore. They became an RA or you did, or you chose different housing options. Or you were roommates again and they turned into the bad roommate (See #6) they changed their major, met new people, studied abroad. Something, somewhere happened and the friendship is no longer what it was. It’s okay. College is all about meeting new people.

#3-The One You think is The One

They brought you a drink in the form of a red solo cup (How sweet) or they were your partner in a class project. Sparks flew, and you started picking out China for your two-car garage home someday. But as said in #4, something, somewhere happened and you two didn’t work. You both met new people, or maybe you reconnected with someone back home. They snore really loud and hog the bed. They still take you to the café or Profs Place for a date (And you pay separate with your meal plans). The relationship didn’t work and you’re devastated because everyone knows you find the love of your life during your sophomore year of undergrad. (Sarcasm)


And now the two people you may meet in college, but you also may not. They are a rare find, a false expectation, and just because you don’t meet them doesn’t mean college is a waste.

#2-Your Best Friend Forever

If you aren’t a Greek then you haven’t been forced to bond with a group of girls or a Big/Little who will be your bestie. You’re on your own. You may meet them in a class, in the Photography club or just a random day. Maybe you both witnessed the turkey (or was it a hawk?) that crashed into the cafeteria window and bonded over it. If you’re lucky this person could be your roommate. Maybe you bonded from day one, which is great, but you may also meet them at your job someday. In life you will have your childhood friends, your high school friends, your college friends, your graduate school friends and your work friends. Your BFF is in there somewhere. Or maybe you already met them and just haven’t reached BFF status yet.

#1-The One

Hate to burst the hopeless romantic bubble, but you most likely won’t meet the one who was meant for you in college. THAT’S OKAY. We are young. We still have time. So what if Abbie from high school is engaged or married with kids? Your time will come. You just spent four years earning a degree. Is your first thought really about getting married? Don’t fret. Yeah, that guy at the vending machine is cute, but don’t scare him off with swatches of what you want to paint the kitchen someday. Say hi, get to know him. Learn that he’s an Accounting major with three older brothers who all went to Rutgers. He’s the odd one out. He’s a good cook and likes your raggedy sweatpants. He tells you how soft you are, and helps you study for exams. He becomes your biggest fan, and you may or may not fall in love. Take one step at a time and keep your eyes open. 

Jaymilynn, also known as Jaymi, is a 4th year Senior at Rowan University. She is currently studying for her Bachelors in Public Relations, and is pursuing a minor in Advertising and Journalism. She is also pursuing a concentration in Creative Writing. Jaymi hails from the small Mom-And-Pop town of Galloway, New Jersey. She is a member of Rowan's PRSSA. Jaymi is also a staff writer for the on-campus school newspaper, The Whit. With big dreams of being a novelist someday, Jaymi spends a majority of her time reading books and working on writing a book series of her own. To friends she is known to be a bit cynical, but loveable as well. A Mac'N Cheese fanatic, faithful Yoga attendee, and an extreme chocolate lover! She's a wide-eyed girl ready to take on the world one sarcastic comment at a time!