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Jaymilynn Rivera


Jaymilynn, also known as Jaymi, is a 4th year Senior at Rowan University. She is currently studying for her Bachelors in Public Relations, and is pursuing a minor in Advertising and Journalism. She is also pursuing a concentration in Creative Writing. Jaymi hails from the small Mom-And-Pop town of Galloway, New Jersey. She is a member of Rowan's PRSSA. Jaymi is also a staff writer for the on-campus school newspaper, The Whit. With big dreams of being a novelist someday, Jaymi spends a majority of her time reading books and working on writing a book series of her own. To friends she is known to be a bit cynical, but loveable as well. A Mac'N Cheese fanatic, faithful Yoga attendee, and an extreme chocolate lover! She's a wide-eyed girl ready to take on the world one sarcastic comment at a time!