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Every Friday I seem to find myself watching what has now become one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Chelsea Handler’s self titled show “Chelsea” made its premiere on netflix in … Like most I was introduced to the comedian through her show Chelsea Lately on the E! Network. I always found her to be extremely funny and charismatic, but others that I know did not always agree with me. To say the least her jokes can be a little offensive. I began watching Chelsea’s new show this fall right before my Friday meetings at school. People would catch me laughing alone in a room like a maniac, and ask me what could I possibly be watching. I would tell them and they would immediately roll their eyes. Even though some of my friends love her comedic style, others just aren’t fond of her approach. Even though Chelsea’s brand of funny can be a little harsh, I still managed to learn some things from her.

From watching Chelsea Handler all of these years I have learned to never be ashamed to say exactly what I mean. Chelsea has never been one to hold back.  Whether it be a racy joke, or something of importance she has never held her tongue for the sake of anyone of anything. Not only does that encourage more women like myself to speak up for what I want in this life, but it also gives us a little lesson about morals. I’m sure there is a lot of money and endorsement deals on the line when you have a mouth like Chelsea’s. But she has never let money or opportunities control what she puts out into the world


Chelsea takes supporting your local girl gang to the next level. Even though she makes a few humour remarks toward women, she also try’s her best to put a spotlight on women that are deserving of it. Many of her show’s segments are spent talking with and about female influencers like Gloria Steinem, and Aja Brown the mayor of Compton. Chelsea has shown me the beauty of women helping and encouraging other women. If we don’t support us then who will?


I find this next bit of knowledge so crucial. By watching her new show I’ve learned that it is okay to not understand something! Her new show is all about discovering and discussing all different kinds of topics. So far the show has covered topics that include Brexit, issues and strives within the LGBTQ  community, and a better understanding of different views about God and religion. All topics we can all admit to being a little confused at times. Chelsea has reminded myself and other viewers that it is okay to not completely understand things, and never hold back your questions, because most of the time someone else has that same question too.

I have been asked “Why do you like her some much?” or “Why are you always watching that show?” Well here is my answer. Because she teaches me. Chelsea has taught me about so much, from supporting other women to understanding Brexit. And finally, my last reason for watching her is because I want to!

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