Surviving Date Night

Every date night takes a little preparation. Of course it is important to plan the perfect place to go, the right time to have this date, and a few weather checks just to make sure you and your significant other aren’t caught in a rain shower. But that’s not the the preparation we are talking about. You must prepare yourself! If you want your plans to go smoothly, like anything else in life, you must prepare yourself ahead of time. We have the perfect tips and tools to help you accomplish this!

Everyone knows you shouldn’t start the day without a fresh, hot mug of coffee. It’s the stuff that makes the world go around! Get yourself a fancy CamelBak cup and sip easy. While you’re enjoying that cup of joe do a little light reading! Adulthood is a Myth and The Roommate Book are the perfect books to easy your mind, and slow your stress levels. No one wants to go on a date stressed out!

Who doesn’t want to have amazing skin before a date? Treat yourself to a little at-home facial with some Freeman Beauty masks. The black charcoal mask is a personal fav! Also douse yourself in your favorite scent after a hot shower. Another personal favorite for this step is Juicy Couture. It has the perfect scent!

Every woman knows that certain parts of your body need a little extra care at times. Make sure that you are top notch ready by using products like The DivaCup and Monistat. These products will have your feminine health in perfect shape before your date.

What’s a perfect outfit without a perfect face? Add your finishing touches with a little makeup from Rimmel London! They have the perfect fall lip colors that will make your whole look come together.