The Secrets of Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming which has also been referred to as vaginal steaming, is a wholistic way of replenishing the womb and also keeping your lady area clean and balanced. I first heard about this on a tv show. I thought it was bizarre or taboo. I have later come to realize that it is really an amazing and healing experience. Yoni steaming is allowing an herbally enriched steam to permeate your vaginal area. 

It was a hard to decide on what to put in my steaming water because there are so many herbal choices with their own specific benefits. I used basil, coconut oil, and honey, and salt in my boiling water.

So before I actually did the steaming I cleaned the bathroom up really well. I didn't want to do something so pure in a dirty bathroom. After cleaning the bathroom, I cleaned my body. I took an exfoliating shower. It was a REALLY good feeling after a long day at class.

This is just a little tip. Make sure you have a pot just for steaming because you don't want to use the one you cook with. Also make sure your toilet is clean.

I lit some candles so it would be well lit in my bathroom without the overhead light on. It was a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. My next thing was to play some mood appropriate music. The only option was Erykah Badu. My play list was as follows (in this order):

1. Erykah Badu: Orange Moon

2. Erykah Badu: Green Eyes

3. Erykah Badu: Out My Mind, Just In Time

4. Jill Scott: Love Rain

5. John Coltrane: In a Sentimental Mood

While I was allowing the steam to permeate my vaginal area, I was sitting and vibing to the music. Allowing all the good vibes from the music and healing power of the steam to just flow through my body. Also I was able to meditate and pray. I took this opportunity to heal and prepare for the upcoming week. It was a beautiful experience.

This experience is one that I was so excited to share with my readers. I'm really into taking care of my lady parts. Especially because I feel as though they are more precious than diamonds, rubies, and pearls.

I also took suggestions from my best friend about vinegar baths and count oil treatments. She has made it a priority to maintain a healthy PH balance with natural treatments and it has definitely rubbed off on me.

Afterwards I actually was really horny. That wasn’t the result I was expecting but it was an added bonus. Afterwards I just felt real womanly and pretty. It was truly a spiritual experience.