Profile: Crystal Nguyen

General Info

Name: Crystal Nguyen

Age: 20

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Oswego, IL

Hobbies/interests: drawing, painting, knitting & dancing badly


Why did you choose your major?

-I LOVE science and I had an amazing teacher in high school that made it so fun to learn.

What are your plans after graduation? I will be taking a year off and hopefully attend medical school.

Why did you choose RU?

-I fell in love with Chicago and Roosevelt was right in the heart of it. I'm also driven by our mission and our motto, “Dedicated to the enlightenment of the human spirit”.

What is your favorite thing about Roosevelt? The best part about Roosevelt is how connected I feel with students and staff. I also love how close we are to amazing restaurants.

Any campus involvement?

-I'm a part of Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Government Association, South Loop Campus Ministry, and the Chicago Area Research Symposium.

What has been your favorite RU event? I really enjoyed all of the homecomings at Roosevelt. It's a fun way to start the year and it's cool to see everyone all dressed up.

Social Causes

What social cause matters most to you?

-I strongly believe in women’s health and reproductive rights. I also firmly support Planned Parenthood because of all the healthcare they provide for women and families.

Are you a feminist?


What causes are important to you for the upcoming Presidential election?

-Education at all levels is important, including a comprehensive sex education.


How would you describe your personal style?

-On most days I like to dress comfortably in jeans and a t shirt. But when I dress up, I love simple and bold colors.

What are your favorite stores and brands?

-Forever 21, Express, and Macy's.

What’s your favorite item in your closet?

- I have an off the shoulder dress from Forever 21. It has a gorgeous navy and black pattern.

What do you think makes you stand out?   

-I think my crafty/art skills make me stand out. I can take on so many projects, but I have a bad habit of not finishing some projects.