Makeup Brands That Won't Break The Bank!

When you have an obsession for makeup, money can start to disappear quickly. We all make the mistake of stopping in the cosmetic department, and completely forget that we only came to buy socks. Before you know it, you’ve spent the majority of the money in your bank account on two matte lipsticks and a contour kit. Well enough is enough! We’ve got the top three makeup brands that won’t break the bank. These brands will not only keep that face of your beautiful, but they will also help you avoid that pesky overdraft notice from the bank!


  1. MAC Cosmetics


MAC is no drug store brand, but the prices are a bit lower than many of the other cosmetic lines that can be found in department stores. This is a personal go-to brand for everything! They have really good foundations, that come in a variety of shades for all skin tones. Even though MAC offers great quality products for all of your wants and needs, they are notorious for their lipsticks! Products range from $10 to $85. I know that’s a big gap, but there is something for every budget!


  1. NYX Cosmetics


The NYX brand offers a little bit of everything! From foundation to brushes this makeup brand is perfect for buying amazing products that won’t break the bank. Products can range from $4 to $35. NYX has amazing matte lipsticks that are super affordable, and really great eye shadows that are super pigmented. These products will handle the quick makeup fix you need and leave you with a little change left over.


  1. ColourPop Cosmetics


ColourPop is the perfect go-to brand for liquid lipsticks, eye shadows, bronzers, and highlighters. Not only does this company offer super pigmented liquid lipsticks and amazingly vibrant eye shadows, but they are also crazy affordable! The super popular lipsticks from ColourPop rage from $5 to $6. The eye shadows start at $5. This amazing brand has also collaborated with some of our favorite beauty bloggers like Raye Boyce, Kathleenlights, and Karrueche Tran. It’s safe to say that you can never go wrong with anything from the ColourPop!