How to Be Single: College Edition

You’re about to start this new adventure called college, and it's time for you to make a very big decision. That choice is deciding to cut all of your honeys off, or go to college attached to someone 1000 miles away. Most people would say that the easy choice is to be single and free, but that decision has its challenges too. We know just how to help you completely slay at being single in college! Here are all of the tips and tricks to being single while away at school.

1.     Stay away from the tearjerker movies! College singles make this big mistake all the time. We decide to re-watch The Notebook, or some other sappy movie about a once in a lifetime unrealistic relationship. Before you know it, you’re binge eating a container of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, trying to remember why you don’t have a partner. Since you can’t remember after breaking this cardinal rule of being single, I will remind you. You’re single because freedom is everything, and don’t let a Ryan Gosling movie tell you anything different!


2.     Don’t constantly hang out with your friends that aren’t single. There is nothing wrong with having mates that are in a relationship but they shouldn’t be your only friends. As a single guy or gal, you need some friends around that can relate. Being single changes everything. It changes the way that you interact with people and the different activities you choose to partake in. This way you and your other single friends can slay together, doing single people activities!

3.     Join Tinder! Don’t worry, there are more people using dating websites and apps than you think. Doing this helps build your confidence by showing you all the possible babes that are out there. It also helps you to remember that you still got the milkshake that brings all the boys, or girls, to the yard ;)

4.     Go on as many dates as possible! That is one of the best parts about being single. You need to get out there and experience as much as you can. Seeing new people can help you do just that!

5.     Go out and party! It is only right that during the single stages in your life you party harder than ever. So go out and live it up!

6.     Dress to impress … yourself! When in a relationship you can sometimes feel limited to what you wear. This might be a more relatable feeling for the ladies, but it can happen with guys too. You know when this never happens? When you’re single! When you’re in a relationship with only yourself, you don’t have to worry about dressing more conservatively for your partner’s sake. So when you see that amazingly sexy short skirt in your closet, put it on, and worry about no one else’s judgment!

If you need more tips on how to be single, be sure to go check out the new film How To Be Single! This amazing movie will be in theaters February 12, 2016!