Five Things You Should Never Do on Tinder

Tinder has become a huge part of how many people hook up, date, and/or get into relationships.If you haven’t had tried the popular dating app yet you might be a little behind on the times. Our reliance on dating apps, and even social media have completely changed the way that we meet and interact with people. This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, but it has created issues for some. There are a long list of things you should NEVER say or do on TInder. We are here to give you the rundown on what not to do on Tinder.

NEVER send pictures to someone that never asked for them. It only makes that person feel uncomfortable, and drives them away from you.


NEVER send messages one after the other. Everyone hates the person that sends you 20 messages just because you didn’t answer them back within 10 seconds. Sending twenty messages in a row only makes you seem obnoxious and needy.


NEVER get aggressive! It is never okay to get aggressive with someone that doesn’t respond to you how you think they should. Aggression is the last thing anyone needs in their day, and on their Tinder.


NEVER give out your actual phone number! Giving your phone number out can bring all sorts of problems right to your front door. If you need another form of communication besides Tinder messaging, then give your snapchat away. This way you can talk and see what that person gets into.

NEVER message anyone that doesn’t have pictures. Profiles with no pictures might be trouble. It could be a scam or a troll account. Try your best to avoid getting into situations like that.