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The Best Makeup Gurus to Follow!

If you are anything like me you are obsessed with finding out about all of the new makeup trends. Its super easy to go on Youtube and find good tip and tricks, but if you want to know the best you need to learn from the best! Whether it be snapchat, instagram, or youtube these artists are ruling the makeup game using all of these tools. From costume makeup to the everyday slay these makeup gurus will guide you to the perfect look you have been striving for.



MakeUpShayla, also known as Slayla, is one of the best to do it! She dishes out all of the tools she uses to create the a perfectly slayed face! Be sure to Check her out!

Youtube: Mekeupshayla

Instagram: Makeupshayla


Chrisspy not only gives the some of the best tutorials for a perfect glam makeover, but she’s also amazing at creating great costume/special effect looks! If you are looking for some cool looks to create for Halloween, she is the one to watch!

Youtube: Chrisspy

Instagram: Chrisspy

Alex Faction

Alex Faction is an amazing makeup artist! He creates unique looks that are great for Halloween! Not only is extremely talented but he is also from Chicago!

Youtube: Alex Faction

Snapchat: alexfaction


Angel Merino, also known as Mac_Daddyy is a veteran makeup artist and the creator of the best highlighters on the market, Artist Couture. He provides some of the best Snapchat tutorials. Follow him!

Snapchat: Mac.papi

Instagram: mac_daddyy

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