Best Lyrics From Beyoncé's Formation

Beyoncé has done it again. Her new song Formation has girls, women, and everyone else slaying all across the world. This song sends such a powerful message not just to women of color, but every woman all across the world. Men can take a thing or two from this hit as well! Through this song Beyoncé reminds us of how important it is to completely slay everything you do, but also to have confidence while doing it. She also does an amazing job of telling us how nice it is to be a complete BOSS! Here are the best lyrics from her inspiring song!

“Ya’ll haters corny with that illuminati mess..”

–This reminds us that there will ALWAYS be haters, but it’s ok. Just keep slaying.

“Earned all this money, but they never take the country out me. Got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”

- She's telling us that no matter what amount of money you make, stay just as amazing as you already are.

“I dream it, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it.”

- Beyoncé is reminding us that we must keep pushing until we do everything that must be accoplished for our success.



“I twirl on my haters." 

- She is telling you to never let a hater kill that shine of your's.

“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation… Prove to me you got some coordination… Slay tr*ck or you get eliminated" 

- The term "tr*ck might be offensive to some, but this is her way of using a little tough love. Beyoncé is trying to let us know that if we don't keep up and follow through on our plan's, we can easily get replaced or taken out of the game. She is also telling us ladies that if we haven't already, it is time to step our game up. So put your best foot foward, and never forget to SLAY!

“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper." 

- Queen Bey is reminding us to keep it classy, even when the haters are coming at you. Only worry about you, and yours'.