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5 Reasons to Not Drop Out of College

We are all deep into the semester now, and our stress levels are at the peaking point. You’re in a struggle to keep your life in order without having a complete mental breakdown. So many crazy things come to mind when you are under this kind of pressure. If you're anything like me you start to daydream about a life where you completely drop out of school and become the next wanna-be Beyoncé, and you’re super rich and famous, and in no need of college. I’m here to bring you back down to Earth, and remind you why this is all worth it!

1.  Degree’s open doors! – Getting your degree can be one of the best ways to learning about, and gaining opportunities! Use these college years to network and set yourself up for big breaks. 


2.  Your college years are the best, cherish them! – This is something my dad repeats to me as often as possible! Even though we are drowning in stressful situations, it’s important to remember that we won’t get this really awesome time back. So don’t forget about the great parties, good laughs, and awesome people you’ve met through it all.

3.  Big bucks might be in store! – It’s no surprise that if you participate, network and work hard, there is a decent chance that you could earn a position that will help you get to that wealthy Beyoncé (or Jay-z)-like status! So keep working hard, the money trail might be closer than you think!


4.  Make your momma proud! – If you are in a position like mine, getting your degree is going to put the biggest smile on your parents face! So keep pushing through, and give the people that do so much for you a little something for them to be proud of. Plus, when you do something big like finish college they will probably be super nice to you, and buy you unlimited Chipotle for like a month!


5.  Make yourself proud! – This is the most important step of them all! Family and financial stability are extremely important, but so are you. Do this to make yourself proud! It feels amazing when you finish something that was really hard, and that you had doubts about. So keep going and when you finish, know that you were the one to kick college’s as… I mean butt! 

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