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If you’re anything like me, you have roughly 7 cute notebooks that you bought fully intending to journal in them, but yet if you flip through the pages they are all bare. 

Why don’t we just pick up the journal and start pouring our heart out? IT IS SCARY…

What if I open up an emotional word vomit jar that I can’t close? What are the benefits of journaling? 

The first few weeks of my journaling journey I was so wordy and felt like I was just word vomiting and wasting pages in my pretty notebooks. At the time I had no girlfriends, I was recently single and just moved schools. I was lost, confused and felt like I didn’t know how I felt anymore. I wrote down everything that was coming to mind, my fears, and my wants, and suddenly life felt clearer.

What are the different types of journaling? The best part about journaling is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. The simple act of pausing throughout your day to put pen to paper is therapeutic enough.  

1.  Bullet Journaling 

If you’re a creative girl this might be the one for you! With the use of colorful markers and aesthetically pleasing doodles, you could do things like track your daily moods, water intake, and read books. 

Bullet Journaling Tip! You WILL make mistakes! Start your layouts with simple designs and add embellishments later. 

2. List Making Journaling 

A totally easy approach to starting your journey is to just simply write out lists. List your favorite tv shows, list your goals for this semester, or a list of podcasts you’d like to listen to. List Making Journaling Tip! This is a great way to get to know a friend or partner by drafting these lists and then sharing them with each other! 

3. Free Flowing Journaling 

This is my favorite form of journaling because my mind is messy. Therefore my journals are messy. And that is ok. If you struggle with racing thoughts, overthinking, and constant negative thoughts then having an uncensored outlet will do nothing but benefit you.

Free Flowing Journaling Tip! I always put some sort of label or title on each page which allows me to go back and find something I wrote quickly. 

4. Bible Journaling 

If you struggle to connect the scriptures to the everyday life you live then you should try bible journaling. The act of reading and illustrating what you just read makes you feel helps you to remember what you just read. The most interesting part is that they make specific bibles with extra wide margins to provide a space to fill every page with washi tape, watercolor, or stickers. 

Bible Journaling Tip! Write the date every time you journal so you could go back and read those scriptures in a different season of life and reflect on your interpretation of it before. 

Madison Webster is a writer for Her Campus of Rollins College chapter. Madison is a 23-year-old undergraduate senior at Rollins College in Winter Park. She is currently pursuing a double major bachelor's degree in communication studies and healthcare management. She is set to graduate in the spring of 2024. This semester she serves as the Rollins Pre-Law Society President and sits on the Rollins Student Government Association Executive board as the Events Chair. While finishing up her bachelor's degree she is preparing to apply to law school next to pursue a career in public policy. Her fall semester will be spent interning for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida with the Community Partnerships and Programs team. Along with her internship she also has worked at the Target of Casselberry as a receiving and training team member for over two years. In her free time Madison enjoys attending church with her husband, singing musical theater ballads, and party planning for her friends and family. Due to her strong interest in the study of Law, the healthcare field and the overall wellbeing of the public, Madison is interested in writing pieces that will spread knowledge and awareness to things she has done to balance a healthy lifestyle through education and wellness.