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Why You Should be Following These Mental Health Accounts on Instagram

I’ve never been a big fan of social media. I tend to stay away from posting and keep my screen time on apps like Instagram at a minimum. But recently, I’ve been introduced to a whole new side of Instagram that has changed my perspective entirely: the mental health side of Instagram. Thousands of accounts are posting positive affirmations, healthy coping mechanisms, and providing communities for people who are struggling. It’s safe to say that browsing through these accounts has become my new obsession and has helped me take huge strides towards improving my own mental health.

Positive Affirmation Accounts 

If you’ve ever seen a therapist, I’m sure you know all about the importance of positive affirmations. They’re basically statements that you say to yourself to help you eventually get rid of any self-sabotaging or negative thoughts you might have. I used to doubt the power of positive affirmations but after actively using them, it’s honestly made a world of difference in boosting my confidence and just making me a happier person overall. What I found most difficult is coming up with exactly which affirmations I wanted to use, little did I know there were hundreds of accounts doing just that. Here’s a few of my absolute favorite positive affirmation accounts, some of which you can even buy prints and artwork of to hang up and help that affirmation really stick with you. 

(@shopsundae, @oliviaherrickdesign, @ohverlee, @mantramagazine, @emotions_therapy)

Female Empowerment

Similar to the first bunch, these accounts also post positive affirmations, but they tend to be more female-specific. They touch on issues like body hair, reproductive rights, and essentially try to empower women to do whatever they feel is right for them, regardless of the controversy surrounding these more touchy subjects.  

(@girlsmakingmagic, @femalecollective)

Journal Therapy

This is the one and only account I know of that posts about journal therapy, and quite frankly it’s my favorite one on this list. If you’re a fan of writing down your thoughts and feelings, this account gives different weekly prompts, talks about the benefits of journaling, and helps ease the emotional process of doing so. 


Therapists + Mental Health Counsellors 

Last but not least, there are hundreds of licensed therapists and mental health counsellors that post their tips. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats the individualized care you get with your own therapist or mental health counsellor, but these options can be pretty inaccessible due to financial reasons or simply the hesitation of sharing your most intimate worries. Instagram therapists can provide a similar perspective on issues you may already be dealing with, though they certainly are no substitute for having your own therapist. My advice would be to use what resonates with you and, of course, take it all with a grain of salt, because the posts are often generalized and tailored to the majority and therefore might deviate from your specific needs.

(@nedratawwab, @thebraincoach, @minaa_b)

Whether you’re an avid mental health advocate or are totally new to understanding your own mental health or that of others, these instagrams can help you along your journey or help you get started in creating the best possible version of yourself! 

Anna Voicu

Rollins '23

Anna is a sophomore psychology major at Rollins College who is passionate about art, writing, and, of course, making Pinterest boards. She loves the color yellow, the outdoors, and advocating for mental health.
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