Why You Should be Celebrating Galentine's Day

Who needs a significant other on Valentine’s Day when you have yourself and your besties? What started as a legendary tradition on Parks and Recreation has turned into an annual celebration for so many women everywhere.   

This month, red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and heart-shaped candies fill the aisles of every grocery store reminding us of the upcoming February 14 holiday, Valentine’s Day. If you’re currently single, this holiday can be a little difficult and can easily put you in your feels, so I’m here to remind you about a separate holiday that you definitely don’t need a man for- Galentine’s Day!

You can now find Galantine’s Day cards and decorations to go all out and plan your own Galentine’s event. If you don’t want to go out, you can throw together a wine and charcuterie night with fun games like For the Girls, and classics like charades. There’s nothing like some genuine bonding time with your crew. 

Galentine’s gives you a chance to get dressed up and celebrate your beautiful, single self. There are so many countless ways for you and your girl gang to celebrate! This is the perfect day to treat yourself and check out that cute brunch place you’ve been dying to try! Keep an out at your local bars, coffee shops, boutiques and even fitness studios, because many are hosting fun Galentine’s Day events and specials as well.

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating being the strong, independent woman that you are. Never feel bad for being single- it’s your superpower. So buy yourself some chocolate covered strawberries and make some plans- or don’t. Whatever you do, treat yourself!