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Are you bored and looking for something to do at Rollins College? Winter Park and its surrounding area are packed with great shops and restaurants. Here are my top five favorite places!


This is my favorite restaurant ever. It is located in downtown Winter Park, so it is within walking distance of Rollins College. Besides being the best Italian food I have ever had, it is also very inexpensive compared to most restaurants on Park Avenue. This is the one spot that I bring everyone to after a long day of shopping downtown.

Diversion Orlando

Diversion is a vintage store located around 10-15 minutes from Rollins. It is a small business with some of the coolest curated vintage items around. The prices here are very reasonable.I have so much stuff from Diversion in my closet. A cool alternative to thrifting!

Orange Tree Antiques Mall

If you like vintage things, unique things, etc. Orange Tree Antiques Mall is the best place around. It’s a flea market where individual sellers rent out booths and sell tons of different items. I have gotten many cool vintage pieces, jewelry, bags, and knick-knacks here. I could spend all day in this store! It’s definitely a great place to fill time.

Kyoto Winter Park

As someone whose favorite food is Japanese/Hibachi, finding Kyoto was like striking gold. It is basically a sit-in fast food restaurant for Japanese food. The hibachi food is amazing and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Japanese!

Goodwill Bins

If you are like me and thrift often, you have to go to the Goodwill Bins at least once. Not only are there a plethora of locations near Rollins, every single one has great finds in my experience. This can be a quick trip or an all-day event.I usually go from 10 AM to 5 PM because of the amazing things I find all day. This one is a must!

Those are my top five recommendations! Some locations are walkable and some require a car or an Uber, but in my opinion, they are all worth the trip. Happy exploring!

Sophomore Pre-Law English major with a tendency for unusual life experiences and love for iced caramel macchiatos.