Mascne: How to Deal

Have you been breaking out lately and can’t figure out why? Well, let me tell you why: MASK ACNE. How can we stop it? I’ve got the answer for that too. 

Mask acne specifically targets your chin, cheeks, and the bridge of your nose- basically the exact location that your mask covers. Mask acne is a whole other level of frustration, so let’s see what we can do to stop this breakout nightmare.

1. Get yourself a silk mask

What kind of mask are you currently using? The best for dealing with these breakouts is an all-silk mask. The silk absorbs less moisture and dirt, which causes other masks to clog up your pores. is a great website for silk masks, as well as Etsy, and even Amazon. 

2. Check on your daily skin routine

Take another look at what products you are using for your skin. Before masks, it was easy to get away with keeping your skin routine quick and simple, but now your regimen is more important than ever.  Are your products reliable? Are they clean and healthy for your skin? There are so many components that make up an effective skin routine, but if you’re balling on a college budget, here are some things to prioritize: 

- a good 'ole facewash 

- an exfoliant (you should only use this once a week) 

- toner (CVS-brand witch hazel is a great alternative for pricier brands)

 - a good moisturizer (especially as the weather gets chillier!)


Lastly and most importantly, hydrate! Drinking water throughout the day flushes your body of toxins in your skin, giving you a naturally radiant glow!

Try implementing these steps into your routine and I promise you will see a difference! We’ve gotten through the worst of 2020- we can beat Mask Acne, too!