Got Anxiety? Have An Orgasm

We've decided to take a good 'ole probe into the best techniques to bring yourself to climax during masturbation, because.... hell yes, girls do it! And hell yes, it is major cure for stress! Wake up in the morning feeling more level-headed, focused, or even more energized- just from masturbating. The inner calm and cardiac bliss that results from sexual encounters can all be achieved from the comfort of your own bed, no other genitals required. 

While many girls are hesitant or don't want to try because they don't know how, it's extremely beneficial to know, especially as we approach cuffing season. Keep yourself warm, you don't need anybody else. Plus, you'll love it even more when your skin clears up and your mood increases almost instantly. 

According to Cosmo, 'Edging' is the Move

"Stop at least three times before you allow it to happen. If you can exercise this control, the longer you wait, the more powerful it gets."

The more you draw out the sensation of stimulation and take small pauses every time you think you might come, the end result will truly blow your mind better than any signifigant other probably could. With exams coming up, projects due, and stressful packed social lives this fall, you can't let your physical needs fall to the wayside. Think about it. Would a guy ever do that? 

Inside VS Outside 

If you're the type who prefers vaginal stimulation and are able to do that to yourself, you're going to want to find your G-Spot for the best result. Cosmo says, "To find your G-spot, slide a finger into your vagina and bend it so it brushes the front wall. Reach back towards your cervix, then draw your finger along the front of your vagina." 

This is why certain people use G-Spot vibrators that enter and reach that spot- otherwise, massaging your clitorus is the best outside-the-actual-vagina method. 

Finding Porn That's Not Just for Dudes 

Did you know men and people with penises are allowed to ejaculate in porn, but female ejaculation is illegal? (COSMO)

Cosmo has reccommended some sites that are run by women and just as satisfying for us as mysognostic erotic film must be for men still living in the 1920's. These include: XConfessions, Frolic Me adult website, and (for all your erotic audio needs.) 

The stigma around the female orgasm, female masturbation, and female sexuality in general is an ironic and painful topic that must be addressed. As we as a gender are hypersexualized in every modern medium possible, it's more important than ever to remember that you have the power to liberate and pleasure yourself. 

The Scientific Benefits as Reported by Cosmo 

Oxytocin is the same hormone released during breastfeeding, so essentially its purpose is to help you bond- making masturbation a form of self care that releases dopamine in the brain, generating contentment or giddiness. 

"When you feel aroused, the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline are released, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, meaning you burn calories and get what some may even call a 'workout' when masturbating. 

 The brain is flooded by prolactin after orgasm, making you feel fulfilled and self-satisfied. This might get you ready for a nice, deep sleep, but it also might get you in a nice 'I don't need no man' phase.