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Five Ways to Beat Fox Day Fever

These days, I wake up and can’t seem to ingest enough coffee to muster the genuine energy to care about class. I show up, well- for the most part, but my professors are pretty much aware by now that my guaranteed arrival time will be within a 10 to 15 minute bracket of tardiness. I hold myself to the utmost of standards, arriving to class more prepared than most students- a coffee and disheveled notebook containing frantic analyses from Gen Eds past as my tools for success.

It’s goin’ downhill, people. It is essential in these times of mass energy deficit to maintain perspective and live day by day until Fox Day- although the anticipation truly makes this a challenge. Here’s how to hold yourself off from full-on screaming in the middle of the next Chinese democracy and modernization powerpoint you have to sit through:

  1. Treat Yo Self to Happy Hour

Winter Park- infamous for college shenanigans, renown for its surplus of adorable dogs, but above all, home to THE best happy hours in Florida. I said it. Don’t @ me. Grab your girl gang and get your buzz on by trying out a new cocktail somewhere on Park Ave or bring back Wine Room Wednesdays with the crew to spice up the school week and keep you entertained.

2. Focus on the Fox Day Plan

Create a pinterest board, a real-life inspiration board, or go on a swimsuit shopping spree on Park- a little something to get you in the mood to look your most FAB at the crack of dawn on Fox Day. Laying out your workout, outfit or skincare goals during this crucial 2 week period will make the difference between being ready to roll on Fox Day and getting slapped by a sneak attack.


…But wear sunscreen! To avoid frying to a crisp in the Daytona sun, bring your most bronzed and glowing skin game to the beach by getting a head start. Whether you live in Sutton and can take advantage of the resort amenities or you like to kick it on Dinky Dock, the weather’s gorgeous and we could all use a little vitamin D before the big day! (Natural sun and drug store lotions only.. Not suggesting U.V. rays!)

4. Soak Up Every Moment

Let the good vibes radiate and spread love through campus this time of year- it’s all about the spirit of community and the excitement. With summer and more unforgettable weekends approaching, it’s time to be grateful for those around us and really make the most of our last month on campus. Happy fox day.. Let the shenanigans begin!


Meredith Klenkel is a Senior English major and the founder of Her Campus at Rollins. She aspires to write comedy for late night T.V one day and publish her own memoirs.