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3 Killer Finals Week Tips

Finals are approaching and sometimes it feels like anxiety and stress can start taking over your total aura. It’s normal to procrastinate but the more we do, the more the stress heightens.

​Get Your Thoughts on Paper 

It helps me to write down everything I know I need to finish in general before the semester ends, and work from there. There’s no better feeling than crossing assignments off as you finish them, and it gives you a motivational boost to want to continue working on other assignments.  

Sometimes we choose not to think about it, which makes us panic when we realize there’s more work than you thought. If you held off a semester-long project with a due date coming up, try to come up with a plan that will allow you to finish the assignment in these final days.

Prioritize Due Dates

Begin with completing the assignments with the earliest deadlines. Normally, after those are finished, that’s where we go wrong- other assignments feel “far away” or “not important right now.” It’s important to reward yourself a little after you finish assignments, but continuing to grind even after the highest priorities are finished will help you crush your procrastination habit.  

Use the Weekend Wisely 

I find planning study sessions with your friends will make you feel better because you know you aren’t the only one going through it- if you’re the type that works better alone, creating a motivational playlist will help you survive! 

The weekend can either make you or break you during finals week. Again, it’s healthy to give yourself breaks so you won’t feel like going crazy. However, weekends during finals season should be taken advantage of to finish whatever you couldn’t get done during the week.

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