Wake Up Prettier With This Trick

Let me paint you a picture of what my mornings used to look like. I'm startled awake and realize I'm sleeping on a bare mattress because I have somehow managed to kick all of the sheets off my bed. For a minute I lay there wondering who I am, until I realize I'm a sleep-deprived college student suffering through an uncomforably dry Rochester winter. I stagger into the bathroom and crack open my puffy eyes to see in the mirror a hellish looking person with a creased face and huge mess of hair. An hour later I'm looking much less scary, but I have also just spent an hour trying to look much less scary. 

Maybe I'm exaggerating (not really) but the point is there is a simple trick to waking up looking fresher and better.

It's as simple as silk

If you've heard that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can work wonders for your skin and hair, the rumors are true. Silk pillowcases are known to improve hair health and help moisturize and smooth the skin. Silk retains moisture better than cotton and other fabrics, so you wake up with softer, smoother skin and hair. If you're prone to tangles and frizz or have dry skin, a silk pillowcase should be your go-to solution. It's especially wonderful during these harsh, dry Rochester winters when our hair and skin are struggling. 

It's important to find a pillowcase that's 100% silk, because synthetic won't have the same effect. Wait...isn't real silk super expensive? It can be! But you can also find cheaper options at Amazon, like the Spasilk 100% Pure Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase for just $19.99 or the 100% Silk Pillowcase for Hair Luxury 25 Momme Mulberry Silk for $36.99. 

I love my silk pillowcase. I've definitely noticed the difference in how my skin and hair look and feel each morning. I still kick all the sheets off my bed, but now I wake up feeling nearly #flawless.

In the words of Queen Bey: "I woke up like this [because of my silk pillowcase]."