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Say hello to your new favorite breakfast!

College is a constant struggle of wanting to eat healthy and stuffing your face with pizza and ice cream. Eating healthy can be hard especially when the choices are limited. However, here is a healthy and quick breakfast recipe that can be made with ingredients found in our very own dining hall and hillside! This muffin is also extremely healthy and easy to make. Perfect for the days when you don’t feel waking up early for class.


2 minutes Oatmeal banana muffin

Ingredients: 1 Banana

        1 egg

        1/4 cup of instant oatmeal

        a splash of milk (optional)

        1 tablespoon of honey (optional)

Mix all the ingredients in a coffee cup and microwave for 2 minutes and that is it! ( thank god for microwaves!) You could substitute the banana for any berries, nuts or chocolate chips! You could also substitute milk for almond milk or soy milk or add ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon if you are feeling extra fancy.



This healthy muffin smells amazing and tastes even better. The best part is you don’t have to spend 30 minutes baking it! As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With this recipe, you won’t have to skip breakfast ever again.


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Jane Fong


Jane is a freshman in the University of Rochester. When she is not hiding from the cold weather or rushing to class you can find her jamming out on her guitar, hoarding books, humming to herself or in the library "studying"(making new playlists). 
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