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So let’s talk about UTIs. It’s not fun or glam, but it’s important for your health. A UTI, or urinary tract infection, is an infection in any part of of your urinary tract, including your kidneys, but mostly occur in the bladder or…ehem….your urethra. While both men and women can get UTIs, women are far more likely to get them (ugh, as if being a woman wasn’t hard enough!). According to the Mayo Clinic, UTIs are usually only a minor (and painful!) annoyance but they can cause some serious conditions, especially if it spreads to your kidneys! Sometimes UTIs don’t cause any symptoms, but if they do, the most common ones are burning when you pee or something funky with your pee (ie. color or odor). Sorry, but someone had to say it!

With all that being said, UTIs can start to seem scary. However, they are totally common in women, and many women will have more than one in their lifetime. So, don’t worry, sister, we are all there with you! When treated with antibiotics, UTIs rarely cause any complications and go away fairly quickly.

There are also many ways to help stay healthy at home! One is to drink lots of water (just another reason to hydrate!) and another is to drink some cranberry juice to help fight infections. You can also take some cranberry-based vitamins, such as AZO Cranberry Gummies! Also remember to practice safe sex!

With this quick guide, there is no need to fear the UTI anymore!


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My name is Madeline and I am freshman at the University of Rochester. I row on the crew team and am planning on a double major in neuroscience and women's studies on a pre-med track. I am also involved with the Eco-Reps on campus and I love to read and play the piano.
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