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How to Get Work Done Over Break


Allot Time for Homework



Whether it’s on your 5-hour long commute back home, in-between events, or on a day that’s less busy than the others, set aside some time to do homework. This is necessary, or else you’ll convince yourself that you’ll have time “at some point” or that you can do it on Tuesday night. This is a sure-fire way to be swamped with work that you can’t complete. Try putting it into your official calendar if that helps you!


Separate Yourself



You’ll likely be surrounded by family or friends while you’re back home, which is great! That’s the point of a break! But if you have something you need to work on, go up to your room or whatever private space you can find. If your house is too loud, try going to your local library or park.


Temporarily Delete Your Apps



When you’re on an extremely long, boring train ride, it’s easy to just keep refreshing your social media to procrastinate doing work. Deleting your apps is temporary (it won’t delete any of your data) and it’s a way to remind yourself to focus. When you open your phone a hundred times a day, it starts to feel automatic to go through all of your feeds and not think twice about spending an hour with your eyes glued to the screen. Having to go through the hassle of re-loading your apps is the perfect non-committal barrier to keep you focused.





Maybe the only time you’ll have to get your work done is in the wee hours of the night. Doing this once during the weekend is a good way to get your obligations out of the way and still have a good weekend. Just don’t push yourself too hard; you need a bit of time to relax! To pull an all-nighter, grab some coffee and some late night snacks.



Reward Yourself for Productivity



“If I get this essay done, I can go to the movies with friends.”

“If I do half of my Webwork, I can go to that party tonight!”

Doing this is an effective way to get the best of both worlds. Doing your work beforehand allows to be stress-free when you finally get to have fun!


Although it’s hard to get your work done when all you want to do is have fun, it’s completely doable if you use the right strategies.  

Caitlin is a sophomore from Syracuse, NY. She is double majoring in Psychology and English with a concentration in Language, Media, and Communications at the University of Rochester. She is the Publicity Chair of UR Celtic, has acted as both Social Media Manager and Business Manager of Her Campus, is an active member of the Inter-Class Living Community, and enjoys working as a Writing Fellow. When she's not busy with extracurricular activities or schoolwork, Caitlin can be found working at the Campus Mail Center, reading, and spending too much money at Starbucks.
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