Namaste... With a Little Help From My Friends

Since one of my best friends introduced me to it in 9th grade, I have been practicing yoga on and off throughout the last few years. Although I am nowhere near being an expert, and still have a lot of learning to do, I do know just enough to share some information that I hope inspires you. 


The Feeling of Unity

I have mostly practiced yoga on my own. It is something I like to do as “me” time. I feel recentered, in my mind, body, and soul. It is sort of sacred for me; that 30 minutes of pure zen. Although I love doing it alone, I have missed the environment of a yoga class. Pre-covid, I tried to attend yoga classes occasionally. Not only did they push me out of my comfort zone, they also brought this feeling of unspoken unity. Everyone in the yoga studio was there to experience zen, peace, and bestow good wishes upon each other.  I have missed that feeling of unity so much. Until recently, my friends and I established Sunday yoga.


On Sunday’s We Do Yoga

It’s usually about 4 of us, but it’s still being united to achieve the same thing: peace, love, and good vibes all around! This first came about when a good friend of mine saw me post something about my weekly yoga practice on my Instagram story. We jokingly said let’s do yoga this Sunday. As Sunday got closer, we were committed to doing it. So, one group chat and about three weeks later, we are still committing to our Sunday yoga practice. 


So, if you’re reading this, take it as a sign to do some Sunday yoga. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. Whatever day works for you and your friends. Yes, I love my yoga practices with me, myself, and I. But, Sunday yoga has brought me closer to my friends, as we are all letting go together. We inhale positivity and exhale negativity during each pose. And, we of course, say namaste at the end of each practice. With that said, Namaste, readers.