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Journaling Prompts for Growth, Self-Love, and Healing

Journaling has been life-changing for me and many people that I know. Getting what’s in your head out onto paper can be one of the most healing and clarifying practices to better your day and your mental health. 


It can be overwhelming at first. Sitting down at a desk or propped up in bed, pen in hand, staring at a blank page. It’s almost as if you can hear the crickets chirping in your head.


Trust me, I get it. 


Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to just spill out all of your thoughts and emotions onto paper. If you feel the urge, do it. Scribbling pages of scrambled up thoughts, not caring about grammar, neatness, etc, can be just as healing as structured journaling.


But sometimes, you need a kick start. If so, one of the most helpful approaches to journaling that I have found is using prompts.


You can find tons online! I have personally found that writing some down on a separate sheet of paper to reference later when you sit down to journal is much better than grabbing your phone right before you begin and reading them off of a screen. 


Tip: Keep your screens away and turned off when journaling. That distraction is unnecessary and harmful in this situation. 


Don’t know where to start? 

Here are some of my favorite prompts that may help you get those juices flowing and create a more mindful approach to your day: 

Opened Paper Notebook
Photo by Marco Verch distributed under a CC BY 2.0 license


What am I feeling in this moment and how is it affecting my day? 


What is something I am going to do today to care for my well-being? 


What do I need less of in my life?


What do I need more of in my life?


In a negative situation, how do I tend to react? Can I change this to a healthier and more reflective option?


I am most passionate about…


What/who do I need to appreciate more?


I feel most safe when/with…


What am I feeling grateful for in this moment? 


What are some goals I have for myself this week? How am I working to make them happen?


What is holding me back, if anything, and how can I release this? 


Write a letter to your past self.


What is my favorite memory from this past week and why? 


What am I looking forward to in this moment? 


What is something that I can let go of right now? 


What is something about me that I am proud of/that I love? 


What makes me feel loved? 


What past experiences am I still healing from? How can I support myself or ask for support in this journey?


What is the first thing I turn to when I’m sad? Is it healthy? If not, what is a healthier option? 


I’m happiest when…


What gets me out of bed each day and why? 


What are some boundaries for myself that I have relaxed and need to be rebuilt? 


I few most confident when…


Who/what is my biggest inspiration and why?


List everything that I love about myself.


hands holding a plant
Photo by Noah Buscher from Unsplash

The act of sitting down to a blank page may seem unsettling. I know from experience that the second I work through the discomfort and begin to write, I feel lighter, freer, and the most settled and assured compared to how I‘ve felt all day. Journaling is one of the best practices for growth, connecting, and healing; I encourage you to give it a shot! I hope these prompts can help you feel eager to write and let yourself go for at least a few moments. 


Remember, there is absolutely no right or wrong in journaling; do whatever works best for you! 


Happy journaling! You are so worthy and loved!

Natalie is a New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology's College of Art and Design. She was a competitive dancer for most of her life as well as a musician and artist. She enjoys creating more than anything; art, designs, music, clothing (upcycling), writing, etc. Reading has always been one of her favorite activities and she loves to spend lots of time exploring in nature. Nat also finds most of her life answers after doing an intense yoga practice:) She is the Art/Design Director of RIT's HerCampus Chapter and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity.
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