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“Oh my god, you’re graduating! What do you plan on doing for the rest of your life?”

“…good question.”

I have just a few more months until I graduate, and it still hasn’t hit me that I will get my degree and have to move on to the next thing.And that next thing has to be kinda BIG.

And I am just kind of sitting here thinking:

Am I ready to be done with school?

Did I do the right thing?

Or did I just completely waste all of my money?
Am I good enough?

What if I just end up doing absolutely nothing after this?

Graduating still hasn’t sunken in yet and I don’t think it will until I am actually in the moment. And as exciting as it is to FINALLY be graduating, it is also so terrifying. This is the make it or break it moment. And I am left wondering: “Did I live my college experience to the fullest?”

It’s okay to have doubts

When there is so much money and time involved, it is completely reasonable to have doubts and rethink everything you have done.With all of the excitement, there comes valid anxiety andwe are expected to grow up and make life long decisions at the same pace as the world. It is difficult to not try and compare yourself to others around you. 

Experiences are worth it

Personally, my college experience has been anything but normal, and when I first began my college experience, I constantly compare myself to the other students around me. It bothered me that I was graduating a year later than everyone else. It troubled me that I bounced around colleges and that I could not find anything consistent. The more experience I gained, the more I felt content with how I have gotten to where I am now. There is no such thing as anything normal. 

Keep this in mind…

It is important to take a deep breath and remind yourself that everyone is different and navigates through life in their own unique way. Remind yourself to be patient and gentle with your mind and body. As crazy and fast as life seems to be moving, it is okay to take your time and not have to make decisions immediately. 

Whether you do or do not do something with your degree, going to college and receiving a degree is never a waste. Every single experience grows into something greater. Even if you decide to drop out your senior year, you still made a great accomplishment. Something amazing will come out, maybe not immediately but eventually it will. 

It is easier for me to say what I dislike rather than what I love because I pretty much love everything except for raw tomatoes.
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