Accidental Eyebrow Makeover during COVID

Eyebrows, one of the most precious and annoying things to take care of. Raise your hands if you can relate. During COVID, it’s even more annoying and can cause even more of a headache. You want to get them done but that can bring a couple of different scenarios. You can do them at home, whether it be plucking (which I hate), waxing yourself (which if you haven’t done before, can turn disastrous), or Nair (which if you have sensitive skin like myself, I DO NOT recommend). A part of you wants to go to a salon but that means someone you might not know coming up close and personal to your face.It’s a hard dilemma and sometimes makes you feel like you are rock stuck in a hard place. 


For someone like myself, who has really sensitive skin, it can be hard to find the perfect method. I recently found out after 6 years of getting my eyebrows done, that while being red after waxing is normal, it is not normal to also experience puffy skin for over a week and that I am actually allergic to the wax ingredients. This is upsetting because I hate plucking my eyebrows because of the individual feeling of each hair coming out, and I still end up very red afterwards. I have never tried threading before, but I heard it is similar to plucking, which is one of the reasons I avoid it. There is the option of microblading, but that ends up being very expensive.


As a solution to my dilemma of needing my eyebrows done, I decided to try the option I mentioned earlier, Nair. While I have used Nair on my legs before with little problems, using the recommended brand for your face was not the smartest decision for me. I bought the Nair that is specifically used on the face and decided to give it a try. Well, that ended up being a big mistake. When I first applied it, I felt a slight burning sensation which I knew was similar to what occurred when I did my legs, so I thought nothing of it. I followed the instructions, making sure I didn’t leave it on for too long. I had to do some minor touch ups to get rid of the hairs that might have been missed by Nair and then I washed up and applied the after cream to assist with healing. I ignored the fact that my eyebrows were REALLY red and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed something was wrong. I started to develop a bad rash that lasted for a week and my skin around my eyebrows hurt with the slightest touch. It was probably one of my biggest regrets and due to the sensitivity of the area, I had to let my eyebrows grow in longer than usual before getting them done safely.

So please if you are thinking of using at-home products, make sure you research if it is right for you!