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Here’s to a New Year and Decade (2020)

Words from Me to You

As the start of a new year rolls in and another year comes to an end, most of us are hit with the realization that there needs to be a turn of events. We tend to put so many expectations on the 1st day of the new year. You have the traditional start of a new diet that can never seem to go past the third or fourth week, or the expected glow up where we suddenly throw out our wardrobe for a newly transformed me. Now, add all those expectations on to the turn of a new decade. You have the blinding and blaring sounds of social media coaxing you to conform to these expectations.

I am no exception to this rule. But, instead of allowing yourself to be carried by the tides of a 180-degree transformation, I’d like to be a voice from within a megaphone of thoughts that relates to you, saying to start small. All the greats started from the bottom. Steve Jobs had to start from his garage in order to create what most of us carry in our back pockets. Why can’t we?

For those who wish to start on a diet, why not start with eating a green a day?

For those that want a glow up, why not start with an affirmation a day until we can believe it? Because, as cheesy as it may be, it all starts with our mental health within which ultimately shows on the exterior. 

Allow yourself to make changes to those goals – there is no shame in tweaking.

Take it from me…it may sound easier said than done, but when we take small steps, they ultimately create a path that could lead someone else in the future. No matter what, this is your decade!

Bitia Alanis

Rhodes '22

Bitia Alanis is a student at Rhodes College. She enjoys surfing the web, writing, reading, Netflix and allowing a space for people to connect and enjoy the many qualities of life. She's empathetic and always strives to make herself the best she can be.
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