A Friendship that Speaks Volumes (a Poem)

Do you have that one friend who you don’t quite know when or how you became friends?

In other words, it sort of just happened


A friendship that breaks all bounds

One so bold, that if one were to live without it

it would be like losing a limb

The person who has become an extension of who you are 


An indestructible string that forms and connects one soul to the other

Manifesting throughout your lives

Even as you grow and age, that bond never dwindles or fades

No sum of time nor space removes the ability to understand and be there for the other

The feelings you share, the experiences, the fears and the triumphs are shared by each other

And that is more valuable than any precious metal on this earth


Thank you for your friendship my dear soul sister

You have made this journey one for the books and even though we are states apart you will forever be next to me through it all