Fight "Fried Brain" This Finals Season

The line between "taking a nice, well-deserved break" and "procrastinating through seven episodes of Jeopardy" is a hard one to walk. While it's pleasant (and beneficial to your work) to pause and relax every so often, it can quickly spiral into pure avoidance. Not to mention the loss of reading for fun as a hobby, at least in my experience, due to the number of words we're already absorbing for classes. And yet, do not lose hope! If you feel so inclined, take advice from this first-semester first-year on how to recharge without completely relapsing.

Take a walk. Or listen to Take a Walk by Passion Pit. (Or both.)

We live next to a gorgeous, giant park with woodland trails and sidewalk paths, whatever suits your wants and needs. Wear layers, or wait for one of those nice 56 degree days, and find some fresh air.

Emergency Dance Party.

If you're anywhere close to my fitness level, sheer exhaustion will prevent you from spending too much time on this activity. Any respectable streaming service will have a playlist ready to save extra time.

Watch Day-In-the-Life Videos.

Maybe this is just a weird, first-year me thing, but those videos always motivate me to get my academic life together. Plus, they're all kind of the same and get boring after two or three, so you won't fall down the YouTube rabbit-hole. Just don't click on the recommended videos, that's a lost cause.

Set a Timer & Browse Twitter.

If you have excellent self-control, or effectively obey alarms, then feel free to scroll through Instagram or yell at some eggs on Twitter. Just remember to set a timer (for ex. the Forest app, if you want cute graphics with your time management) and get back to work.


Combine a few of these steps and take a short walk to the Rat or the Lair and pick up a light meal or a snack. Bonus points if it's healthy, but relatability points if it's a slice of their chocolate cheesecake.


Good luck!