Campus Cutie: Rosie Andrews '22

Rosie Andrews is a first year student at Rhodes College pursuing a degree in Computer Science. She is a member of Rhodes Mastersingers, works with the anthropology department, a soon to be DJ at Rhodes Radio, an owner of multiple funky jackets, and is a giving roommate. Read on to learn more about this groovy gal!

HCR:  What drew you to Rhodes College?

RA: I really don’t know! It was my cheapest option, I love the small campus aspect, and I was also really excited to live in the city of Memphis!

HCR:  What are your favorite things to do in Memphis?

RA: I enjoy weekly walks down South Main with my roommate, I like to try the various coffee shops, and I enjoy checking out the new exhibits at the Brooks Museum. There’s also some top notch thrift stores here.

HCR:  How do you like being a part of Rhodes Mastersingers?

RA: I love it! There is large age-range of people and it brings together a group of people from various stages of life. Everyone who is a member really enjoys music and I always find myself excited to go. There’s such talented people here that I am able to learn from and learn alongside.

HCR: Tell us more about your future radio show!

RA: Ooh! The Jazz Hour! We plan on playing a myriad of Jazz subgenres such as: big-band, modal, funk-jazz, jazz-blues, jazz-rap, classical, as well as jazz influenced pieces. Weekday and time are TBD. 

HCR:  What is your dream study abroad trip?

RA: Probably Spain or England! But China would be my top choice. I would definitely want to take classes wherever I go that are immersed in the area’s culture so I can reap the best ‘abroad’ experience.

HCR: If you could recommend any one song right now, what would it be?

RA: Montego Bae by Noname. Jazz-rap!