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Regent Con 2018

Last weekend, SAB hosted the third annual Regent Con. It was on Saturday, April 21st, and went from 2-8pm. Many vendors manned tables all day long in hopes of gaining publicity for their small businesses, gaming groups, or cosplay organizations. Many other vendors sold their various, artistic products to the convention’s attendees.

The 3rd Annual Regent Con was held on the first and second floors of Robertson Hall.

Regent Con had many panels and events. A K-Pop dance crew called the Lost Crew performed during the first hour of the convention.

Following that dance act was a panel of animators that told future animators and other audience members how they got started in the animation industry. The “Getting Started in Animation” panel happened in the Moot Court room of Robertson Hall.

Voice actor Vic Mignogna had an hour and a half Q&A, and—right after—a signing and picture-taking session.

Regent student Brianna Scheidt with Vic Mignogna:

Many attendees at Regent Con cosplayed as their favorite characters from TV shows, games, and anime.

Regent student Kristen Burns cosplayed as Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Regent student Brianna Albrecht cosplayed as Link from Legend of Zelda.

Two cosplayers from Tidewater Cosplay as Ruby Rose (left) and Yang Xiao Long (right) from RWBY.

Other events that occurred during the day was a Cosplay 101 panel, a cosplay contest, a D&D workshop, a video game tournament, a K-Pop dance tutorial, and a Regent nerd trivia gauntlet.

In my personal opinion, Regent Con was a lot of fun, and I definitely want to go again. I recommend for everyone to check it out next year, especially if you love anime, gaming, cartoons, comic books, fandoms, D&D, or K-Pop!

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