Not Your Average Party



Everybody loves a good party! Dance party, study party, stay home by yourself and eat snacks while watching crappy romcoms on Netflix party… they all can be tons of fun. An un-fun party would not be considered a party, right? But what about a measles party?


Rubeola, also known as measles, is an infectious condition that spreads through the air in "coughed-out aerosolized droplets that are inhaled." According to David Shultz, a writer for the Science magazine, the disease is one that is hard to avoid, it infects "more than 90% of susceptible hosts that come in contact with an afflicted individual." Not to mention that without vaccination, the average measles victim will affect 12 to 18 other unvaccinated people.


According to the CDC, the measles causes high fevers, a cough, runny noses (which are the worst), and watery eyes. Three to five days after these initial symptoms, the afflicted develops a red spotty rash that spreads over the body and the fever may spike over 104° Fahrenheit.


This doesn't sound like any fun unless you just love being sick in bed and wishing you were dead. Despite all the risks of affliction, some anti-vaccination parents throw measles parties for their children. Amanda Tarlton, writer for Yahoo Lifestyle writes, "at these events, unvaccinated children are intentionally exposed to the measles virus under the assumption that after they're infected once, they'll be immune to the disease in the future." You can insert the sick emoji here.


While the issue is becoming prominent again because of the increased confirmed cases of measles in Brooklyn, measles parties are not a new concept. They have been around for decades or maybe longer. The problem is this: the virus may remain the same, but not every child has the same immune capabilities. Infecting a child purposefully with rubeola is risky and could result in death or other afflictions. 


So no matter how much a measles party might sound like a sound alternative to vaccination, next time you want a party, maybe just try eating a whole pizza by yourself while watching the newest season of Game of Thrones.