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Giving Up On New Year’s Resolutions (As Told By Spiderman Gifs)


When you finally give up on your healthy food resolution and go back to Cook Out and you see your accountability partner


Your brain at 2:00 AM when you say that you’re going to start going to bed early in 2019


When you’re about to eat a salad but then your friend next to you gets a burger…


When you’re trying to get by on 2 speed on the treadmill and then your gym partner turns you up to 5


When you try to get up early because you’re trying to be more productive in 2019 but then your night of scrolling on Instagram comes to back to haunt you


Your brain trying to fight off the urge to stay on the couch and ignore all your responsibilities

When you finally go a couple of days following your resolutions but your anxiety starts to act up

When you first start working out again after years

When you’re about to finally go sleep but suddenly you get a YouTube notification for a two-hour long video and just give up on having a normal sleep schedule 

When you just finally give up on it all and just decide to wait it out til 2020 to try again


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