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Christmas Shopping Deals for the (Broke) College Student

Every college student experiences the sinking, numb feeling of barely being able to afford food, much less Christmas presents for family members and friends who deserve a nice gift. You may dream of buying your mom an island to thank her for never giving up on you, but can only afford a cheap, dollar-store candle. Or maybe you want to get your dad a big-screen TV, but you end up getting him a Pez dispenser.

What can a poor student do besides getting a cheap gift? Well, unless you desperately want to pull a move from Friends and buy gifts for your friends at a gas station, listen up.

Starting November 1st, Amazon.com offers amazing deals on almost all of their products. In other words, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday for reduced prices! Even better, you no longer have to worry about getting run over by crowds of crazy shoppers.

Even if you are not a Prime member, these Amazon deals are for you!

  1. Daily deals. Every day in November, Amazon puts different products on a ridiculous sale price, up to eighty percent off the original asking price. Mostly, these daily deals are big-ticket items: Televisions, kindles, video game systems, furniture, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  2. Lightning deals. Unlike daily deals, these are only available for a limited time. Each hour, new lightning deals become available, while others close. So keep checking back often to avoid missing out on some great sales! Movies, books, video games, jewelry, clothes, etc. can be found in the lightning deals. Since these change so often, Amazon has included a tab that shows upcoming sales.
  3. Regular merchandise deals. During November, many items not listed under “Daily Deals” or “Lightning Deals” are also on sale – they just have to be searched for. If there is a specific item that you want to find, just use the search bar as you would any other month of the year. In each category on Amazon, there will be certain items on sale (generally newer or more popular items).
  4. $5-$10 movies. Another well-kept secret on Amazon during November is the insanely cheap movies. Now, these aren’t just movies that bombed at the theater. These are good movies: popular movies from a few years ago, older movies, musicals and so on. Basically, Amazon just wants to sell out of movies. And who doesn’t like receiving movies as presents?

Just think, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your dorm room, or even your bed, to get a nice gift for your loved ones. For broke college students, Christmas shopping has never been easier!

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