4 Results Of Working Out

For the last three years, working out has never been a consistent activity. I would always tell myself that this week I will start exercising on a regular basis, but that week never came. Eventually, working out became part of my routine schedule.

One day I decided to join a friend who went regularly, and realized I missed working out. I think the reason I stopped was that I was pushing myself too far, making myself exhausted and believing it was just too hard.

For the last two weeks, I have been on a consistent exercise schedule, and the results haven’t been just weight loss or an increase in energy.

1. More Productive

Prior to working out regularly, I noticed I had a lot of potential energy that wasn’t being used, other than walking to my classes. I felt anxious and lazy, which led to me continuing to feel anxious and lazy. After working out, however, I started to notice that I began to be more on top of my assignments and obligations.

If you are worried about taking time out of your weekly schedule to work out, don’t be. I have gotten more done since putting aside time to exercise than I did when I would sit around and try to finish my homework. 

2. Eating Healthier

The second side affect I noticed was I started to subconsciously change my diet to be healthier. My sister is a physical trainer in NYC and she always tells her clients that we are like cars and the food we eat is like gas. We aren’t going to put gas in the car if it is already full and if we are going for a long drive (a heavy workout) we need more fuel. The better the fuel, the better the entire car will run, mirroring what it’s like when we eat healthy foods.

Since I was using up more energy at the gym, my body started to crave natural foods to fuel it. I even enjoyed it! And just a little tip, the more you exercise the more your body wants food, so yay for more eating!

3. More Self-Confidence

I believe that working out and proving your strength can boost your self-confidence. In my experience, I was able to do more than I thought, which resulted in self-confidence. I saw how much I could do and then challenged it the next time. I am now able to lift slightly heavier weights, proving that progress is obtainable if you put in the effort.

4. A Desire to Push Yourself Farther

When you start to see progress, you start to fuel the desire to push yourself further. Each time you hold a stretch longer or lift a heavier weight, you want to keep pushing further in your workout routines. You feel accomplished and proud of yourself, and it becomes a continual, uphill circle. But remember, friends, be careful at the gym and don’t overwork yourself!

So friends, if you’re not into working out, that’s cool! However, don’t let the fear of not being strong enough or fit enough keep you away from the gym. It’s all about baby steps and believe me, if I can do it, you definitely can do it!

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