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3 Ways To Survive Finals

The dreaded week of final exams in nearly upon us once more. By this point in the semester, students can be seen falling asleep in random locations around campus due to sheer exhaustion. Copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull are consumed in a feeble attempt to stay awake, burning both the midnight and early morning hours in a desperate attempt to turn assignments in on time.  

During this period of intense stress, relaxation is more important than ever. Amidst the approaching deadlines, the headaches from staring far too long at a blank Word document, and the jittery feelings which accompany taking in too much caffeine, it is vital that we make time to take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically.  

1. Get Some Sleep 

A good night's rest seems impossible enough during quieter moments in the semester, so once finals' week rolls around the idea of getting sufficient rest, or even a few hours of restless sleep, appears to be a fantasy. However, taking a break from the grind of homework to ensure your body rests will help you remain healthy, while also allowing your brain time to recuperate so that you can tackle the rest of your assignments.  

2. Don't Forget To Eat 

Taking time to eat when you are swamped with finals and papers is something that I routinely forget to do, much to the chagrin of my body. Food sustains us and gives our bodies the necessary energy to keep going. So even if you need to grab a granola bar, a quick meal from a fast-food establishment, or a bowl of ramen noodles, just make sure that you take the time to eat. After all, you cannot stay up all night working on homework if you lack the energy and brain power required.  

3. Give Yourself Small Breaks 

Giving yourself goals to look forward to throughout finals' week helps spur you on to finish your assignments. Set a timer on your phone for twenty or thirty minutes after finishing an assignment and go play video games, watch TV, read a book for pleasure; whatever you do, make sure that you give your brain a rest from thinking about that next history paper or biology exam. Once the timer goes off, get back to work and set yourself another goal.  

Finals' week can be a daunting time, but taking care of yourself can greatly help relieve anxiety and can lower stress levels.  

Remember to breathe; you are capable of getting through the stress! 

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