Fabulous Formal Deals

Formal season is right around the corner for all you sorority ladies, and I’m here to help you create the best look for the least amount of money.

We all love to save, so might as well look good doing it!

First comes first, we’ll start with the base. Following that look good feel good notion, everyone loves to be tan. Now if you’re like me and can’t go tanning in a bed, I highly suggest taking up spray tanning. You will NOT turn out orange if you go about it the right way by putting on lotion prior, and letting it set overnight before showering. My new favorite place to go is LBI Tanning in Waldwick. $10 tanning on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Next we have makeup, my absolute favorite thing in the world. If you don’t trust yourself doing it on your own, I met a wonderful makeup artist at Theta Phi Alpha’s first ever makeup party last week! She does full-face makeup for 25 dollars and will come to you. Talk about a steal! For more info, check out Melissa Lampiasi with Motives Cosmetics.

For those of you that like to do your own makeup, check out some affordable colors from NYX cosmetics! You can find them at ULTA, located right around the corner in the Ramsey Interstate Plaza. It’s inexpensive but great makeup-- with awesome lip colors for $4.99!

Finding that perfect dress at an affordable price seems close to impossible. I’m sure you’ve all visited these stores and sites already, but have you checked out the clearance yet? There are some great deals if you’re willing to do a little searching through the racks or pages. T.J. Maxx is a gold mine if you’re willing to spend a few hours. Also, just a side note-- how adorable are these Love Culture party dresses?!



Whether it’s your first or last formal, every girl wants to look and feel her best. I hope these few tips can help make the process a little easier! Have an awesome time!