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The Sleep Bundle of Your Dreams

As college students, it’s safe to say we all could use more sleep than what we’re getting. Arianna Huffington thinks so, too. That’s why she published her book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time. In it, she discusses how “to help students embrace sleep as a performance enhancer rather than something that gets in the way of achievement and success.” She also talks about the effects sleep deprivation can have on your body and she even provides 12 tips on how to treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.


Her Campus has teamed up with Arianna Huffington in providing chapters across the nation a Sleep Revolution bundle. My bundle came with a cute tote, a squishy pillow, a white noise machine, a sleep mask and the coolest thing… a Sense by Hello. Sense is a little machine that sits on your desk and tracks your sleep cycle. It glows to let you know when the environment you’re in is “ready” for you to have a good rest depending on the temperature, noise level, air quality and light in your room. By using Sense, you learn how to:

· “Understand your bedroom”

· “Fall asleep, stay asleep”

· “Wake up feeling refreshed”

· “Take control of your sleep”

· And “learn what to change” in your sleep cycle


These products truly make for a better night’s sleep. My bundle came just in time for finals week, too! Us Collegiettes can really learn a thing or two from our friend Arianna Huffington. Good luck on finals, ladies, and don’t feel bad when you want to treat yourself to that nap! #SleepRevolution 


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