How to Stay Active in Cold Weather

Since it feels like summer was just yesterday, the approach of the cold weather can be shocking and depressing to many students.  It may feel like the last thing you want to do is gear up in your spandex shorts and your gym tank to run a few miles in the brutal wind tunnel that is Quinnipac.  Honestly, getting the motivation to retreat out of your bundle of blankets and mountains of hot tea to walk through this tundra to class is even a struggle.  It seems like a cruel punishment to be expected to exercise when the weather is screaming for you to just go back to sleep.

How do you get over the wintery blues and get your blood boiling hot?  Here are some ideas:

1.  Take advantage of the indoor gym.

For those brave ones who can make it out of their dorm rooms for their morning runs in the fall, we salute you.  If you’re not as tolerant to the cold, just remember one of the greatest perks of our outstanding tuition: a free gym membership!  Both campuses have a variety of machines to help build those muscles, as well as efficient stretching areas and an indoor track on Mount Carmel to get your running fix.

Also, those indoor courts for basketball or volleyball and dance studios are extremely fun ways to get your heart racing without it feeling like a chore.

2.  Check out P.E. classes for next semester.

Of course, there are some of us who are still not game to leave the comfort of our beds and instead justify our ways out of going to the gym.  The good news is that QU offers physical education courses that will force you into being active since you’ll always be graded on attendance.

There are so many fun options to choose from—anything from yoga and dance instruction to weight lighting and rock climbing.  So everybody can find a class that fits his or her style.  If you have one credit to add to your schedule, think about these physically satisfying electives.

3.  Invest in gym equipment.

If you don’t see yourself walking to another building, turning your dorm into a workout haven can be a rewarding option.  Although it is less than gratifying emptying your wallet on expensive exercise items, there are many department stores that have sufficient and remotely budget-conscious collections, including Wal-Mart and Target.

Spending money on equipment such as a rubber mat, a yoga mat, resistance bands for stretching, or even dumbbells at any weight will go a long way.  I mean, hey, if you can fit a huge abs crunching machine, go for it!

4.  Watch online tutorials.

Whatever type of exercise you’re interested in doing—kickboxing, strength building, dance or aerobics—there are probably millions of instructional videos available online.  Just type your favorite workout into YouTube’s search bar and have fun exercising in the comfort of your own room, wearing whatever you want, blasting your own music, and doing it on your own schedule.

Sometimes there’s nothing more fun than inviting over a few friends and helping each other out with the latest yoga pose.  (You might just get better abs from laughing so hard when you all fall onto the floor!)

5.  Keep the motivation alive.

Despite the weather, simply having the persistence to stay active during a rough semester is always a challenge.  It’s best to always start a plan or routine that is doable for your schedule, one that you feel you can easily stick to.  As mentioned above, there’s power in numbers, and a workout buddy will make sure you attend all of your designated sessions.

Another way to stay on track is keeping some form of a reward system, so every time you work out, another dollar goes in a jar.  At the end of the semester, you can buy that extra fuzzy blanket to keep you warm next winter.

Staying active can be quite difficlut with so many distractions and tempting things surrounding you.  (You know, like class, work, your social life, sleep, family, food, Netflix and so on.)  But if you really put in the extra effort and make a plan to get your heart rate up whenever and however it works for you, you won’t be disappointed with the results.  After all, they do say a summer body is made in the winter.