The Dos and Don'ts of Spring Fashion

Believe it or not, collegiettes, it is finally the most anticipated season of the year: spring!  The flowers will soon start to blossom, the constant rain will turn into sunshine and rainbows, the end of the semester will be right around the corner, and all of us will begin to swap our winter wardrobes for our spring closets.  Spring can be a prime time for some of the cutest fashion trends that we are ready to show off, along with some more skin.  However, some of these fashion statements are better left unsaid.  So which styles fall into which categories?  Let this guide the way…

The Dos

Floral patterns

While patterns in general become all the rage in spring due to the urge to wear pastels and light and bright colors, floral is a unique pattern in itself.  The flowers outside come back in full swing, so why can’t the ones on your clothes do the same?  Floral dresses are in great supply at almost any store, and it will be a constant reminder that spring is occurring…meaning you’re one step closer to summer.  You cannot be in a bad mood while you’re rocking a floral cardigan, blouse or skirt.

Graphic tanks

When the temperature starts rising, it is time to pack away the sweaters and sweatpants and break out the tees and tanks.  Sleeveless shirts with quotes, lyrics and funny sayings are becoming increasingly popular and convenient to match with anything, and you can wear them to almost any event.  These shirts are also a great way to express yourself because people who read them in passing will have a good idea about your personality and interests.  It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve—literally.

Skater skirts

Skirts should be a staple in every girl’s spring wardrobe because they’re fashionable, easy to put on, relatively cheap, and can match with any type of shirt.  Skater skirts, specifically, work in almost any occasion.  They come in almost every color, and you can show them off at work with a blouse and blazer or while hanging out, topped with a cozy sweater.

Patterned leggings

Whether you wear them to motivate you for a rigorous work-out at the gym, out for a long day of dreadful classes, or just lounging around when hanging out with friends, you can never go wrong with leggings that have unique patterns.  This is a unique and easy way to express your creativity and individuality and still look good while doing so.  These are easy to match with basic colored shirts, sweaters, tanks and more, to really make the pattern of your choosing pop.

The Don’ts

Uggs and shorts

It is understandable to be confused about how to dress appropriately for the weather when it is stuck in between winter and summer.  However, it is wise not to mix the two styles into a jumbled combination that simply does not go together.  Besides, Ugg footwear has been fading out of style over the past few years anyway, and so it is best to stick with what you know works.

Short shorts and skirts

There is no denying that some days will get scorching hot, and you may have the urge to wear nothing but your bathing suit to class.  Unfortunately, we are now adults, and it is important to make a positive impression on everyone we encounter.  Thus, it is best to start dressing professionally.  Yes, this means following the mid-thigh shorts and skirts rule, since the revealing of butt cheeks is not classy.

See-through leggings

Leggings are always a staple in every one of your seasonal wardrobes.  The only way you can go wrong with them is if the material is completely thin and see-through.  If your shirt is not long enough to cover up your butt, the immediate light shining on you will reveal all of your private parts to the world!  To make sure this fashion mishap does not apply to you, be sure to stretch out the pair you are looking to buy to test if you can see your hand through the material.

Knee-high gladiators

Sometimes it is too hot for socks and sneakers, too dressy an occasion for shower flip-flops and too casual for high heels and wedges.  Gladiators are the perfect sandal that can go with shorts, skirts, dresses and leggings…except for the kinds that cascade up your shins and tie just below the knee.  This look is just tacky and like it should be kept in the Ancient Roman era.  There are tons of other cuter footwear options available for those hot days.

Fashion is hard to navigate for sure, but there are sometimes clear guidelines we have to follow to enhance our closet to the best it can be.  While these are just a few dos and don’ts, it is up to you to decide what fashion picks you need in your life and those you can easily throw away without shedding too many tears.  Happy spring shopping!