16 Disney Live-Action Remakes Coming Your Way

Disney has been going on a movie-making rampage recently. Marvel has a movie lineup all the way to 2020, a new Disney Princess film is being released this fall featuring a Polynesian princess, and as of last week, a live-action/CGI remake of The Lion King is in the works. Disney has been on this live-action remake trend for the past six years, starting with Alice in Wonderland, and it appears that they don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Here is a list of all the Disney live-action remakes that will soon be created for your viewing pleasure.


The Lion King – TBD

Disney just announced that The Lion King would be turned into a CGI film. Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man and the live-action remake The Jungle Book, is set to direct. There is no set release date but hopefully they start casting soon because I would love to see the original cast reprise their roles.


Beauty and the Beast - March 17, 2017

Out of all the remakes on the way, this one may have the most hype surrounding it. The film will star Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth. You can watch the official trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGwBDchDLPg


Cruella – 2018

An origin story is in the works for one of the cruelest villains out there, Cruella de Vil.  Back in 1996, Glenn Close played Cruella in the 101 Dalmatians live-action remake but now it’s time to find out why Cruella is so obsessed with furs. Currently, Emma Stone is in talks to play the villainess herself and the studio is looking to start filming before 2017.  


Maleficent 2 – TBD

Maleficent will be back again in a new adventure. The first Maleficent, starring the magnificent Angelina Jolie, grossed $758 million worldwide. Jolie is rumored to return and quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine anyone else that could do the part any justice.


The Jungle Book 2 – TBD

The Jungle Book remake hit theaters this summer, raking in $966 million worldwide. Jon Favreau is expected to return to direct the sequel, but the premiere date is still to be announced. We could expect this new film to be a live-action remake of 2003’s Jungle Book 2 or a continuation of the 2016 remake, following Mowgli through another adventure in the jungle.


Dumbo – TBD

This remake may turn out to be the creepiest of them all. Tim Burton is going to direct Disney’s Dumbo, a movie about a young elephant bullied because of his abnormally large ears. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be a mix of CGI and live action. Burton has already remade Alice in Wonderland for Disney so we can’t wait to see how he reimagines this world.


Peter Pan – 2019

Peter Pan has come to life in multiple incarnations, but Disney is finally making it’s own live-action version. The remake will be based on Disney’s 1953 animated film and David Lowry, director of Pete’s Dragon, has set his sights on reimagining this classic tale. 2018 cannot come fast enough.


Tink – TBD

Peter Pan’s adorable pixie companion is getting her own live-action film titled Tink. Reese Witherspoon will be playing the titular character and Victoria Strouse, who wrote Finding Dory, is also involved in the project. Can’t wait to see the origin story of this cute, but feisty pixie.


Pinocchio – TBD

Disney’s second animated feature, released in 1940, will also be receiving its own live action film.  This movie is only in its early stages of development, but I can’t wait to see Pinocchio turn into a real boy. The original movie creeped me out at times. For a kid the idea that if you indulge into the vices of the world you will transform into a donkey was pretty dark, but thankfully the remake will only be loosely based on the animated classic.


The Sword in the Stone – TBD

Disney is planning on remaking their 1963 animated take on the story of King Arthur when he was an orphan, and his lessons with Merlin, the great wizard. The remake will be written by Game of Thrones writer/producer Bryan Cogman so, we can only wonder how dark Disney might take this film.


Mulan – November 2, 2018

Mulan will be getting another chance to show her skills as a soldier in this live-action retelling. Disney has already bought a script, written by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek so, now we are just waiting for more updates. The lead role has not yet been cast, but there has been a petition going around for over a year asking Disney not to a cast a Caucasian actress in the lead role. Here is the petition for the lead role:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/505/768/292/


Winnie the Pooh – TBD

There is a live–action adaptation of Winnie the Pooh in the works. The first pooh animated film was created in 1966 and since then there has been five feature films and nine direct-to-video films. This film will follow Christopher Robin as an adult as he revisits the Hundred Acre Woods. We will just have to wait and see whether the characters resemble their animal counterparts or look like their animated characters.


Rose Red – TBD

Disney is working on a live-action version of their first animated classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but it’s not what you think. This film will follow Snow White’s sister, Rose Red, who was featured in the original fairy tale created by the Brothers Grimm. The film will follow Rose Red and her adventure with the seven dwarves to save Snow White after she has bitten the poisonous apple.  


Genies – TBD

The Genie from Aladdin, voiced by the late Robin Williams, will be receiving his own live-action prequel. The story will give up some insight into how Genie ended up in the lamp in the first place. This movie will most likely prelude into a live-action Aladdin, but that’s just wishful thinking…for now.


Prince Charming – TBD

Princesses aren’t the only ones getting their own live-action films. One of the Prince Charmings, Cinderella’s or Snow White’s, or potentially a new prince, will be getting their own movie. Typically the prince is only a supporting character to the lovely leading lady but this time our prince stereotype will undoubtedly be shattered.  


Mary Poppins Returns – December 25, 2018

A continuation of the 1964 classic Mary Poppins will be hitting theaters at the end of 2018. Emily Blunt is set to be the title character alongside Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda. The plot has not yet been revealed, but who wouldn’t love to see a cameo from the OG Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews.


Disney has such a huge library to choose from, which one would you want to see transformed into a live-action film next? Let us know by commenting below or tweet us @hercampusqu!