The Tinder Files (Part 2): Pickup Lines and Lyrics

Sometimes we completely lack creativity, and sometimes we just aren’t feeling witty (or brave enough) to send the first message on Tinder. But that’s why this week’s Tinder files experiment is great because it absolves you of the need to be creative and while it might not solve the bravery problem, that’s nothing some Dutch courage won’t cure (if you catch my drift). So what have we gotten up to on Tinder this week, you ask? Myself and my trusty test subject (who will remain unnamed, for the sake of her Tinder rep) have appropriated clever song lyrics and movie lines for use as Tinder pick-up lines.

And while the overwhelming majority of guys on Tinder let the jokes, lines and lyrics fly right over their heads, there were a few pretty great conversations to come out of this. Okay, there were like two great conversations to come out of it. The rest were rude and random responses from guys who were probably as confused as we always are when we are the victims of their harmless Tinder games.

Without further ado, here is the ranking of the best song lyrics and movie lines to use on the days when you’re just not feeling up to releasing your own wit.

5. Movie Lyrics

I am a fan of quoting movies and TV shows, ask anyone who knows me and they can probably confirm this. Naturally, when we began this experiment, I thought, what better way to find your match on Tinder than to see if they can keep up with your favourite references. Truth be told, references don’t really translate all that well into the world of Tinder. Turns out you need context (or the right tone of voice) for the recipient to really catch the reference and understand the joke. It’s for this reason that this ranks last on our list.

Would I recommend using your favorite movie line on Tinder? Maybe after you’ve gotten to know the person you’re talking to, that way maybe they can catch your tone and context a little better, but if you know them that well…why are you still talking on Tinder?

Line used: "Meeting you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me" ~ from Dear John

Response: "I get that a lot"


Line used: "I couldn't help but notice you look a lot like my next boyfriend (line altered to say boyfriend from girlfriend)" ~from Hitch

Response: "Oh ya? Never heard that one before. good on ya"


4. One Direction Song Lyrics

After the somewhat failure that was using movie lyrics as Tinder pick-up lines, we moved on to testing the lyrics of our favorite songs. Ranking last on this list was One Direction. Maybe it has to do with them being a boy band (their lyrics were more appropriate for guys to use) or maybe Tinder guys just don’t listen to One Direction (or don’t want to acknowledge that they do by responding to our pick up lines). Either way, I don’t endorse using One Direction lyrics as Tinder pick-up lines, so much for What Makes You Beautiful, am I right?

Line used: "I hope you're sure what you're looking for cause I'm not good at making promises" ~from Perfect

Response: "Ok"

3. Maroon 5

Next up was Maroon 5 and the struggles started before we even made it to Tinder. Maroon 5 songs are love ballads, but frankly, they come on a little strong as pick up lines, and sometimes even border on being decent breakup lines (that’s an experiment for another time, though). We managed to find a few lyrics that were usable, but the results suggested that they didn’t work too great and weren’t even identifiable as song lyrics. Sorry, but these guys don’t have the Moves Like Jagger, they certainly don’t want to Love Somebody (lust, maybe), least of all they aren’t standing at a Payphone talking to you about tomorrow in the Daylight.

Line used: "I really want to dance the night away" ~from Love Somebody

Response: "Then dance till your legs fall off beautiful"


2. Katy Perry

We all love a little Katy Perry, guys, and girls, alike, so naturally she made it all the way down to second place on our list. Maybe it was because Katy was a girl and the perspective of her lyrics was a little easier to get behind as girls ourselves, or maybe Katy’s lyrics just suited the world of Tinder. I can’t explain it but I do know that these worked though I would caution about what songs you choose to quote, Hot and Cold, Waking up in Vegas and I Kissed a Girl might not be the best choices for these purposes. Say goodbye to feeling like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind because with any luck Katy might help us meet our match.

Line used: "You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream" ~from Teenage Dream

Response: "Lol and how does your teenage dream go"


Line used: "You're so hypnotizing" ~from E.T.

Response: "That good huh. Lol you're pretty beautiful yourself"

1. Taylor Swift

There was one artist who was a clear winner in all of this. She’s insanely popular and is ingrained in popular culture almost as much as Tinder is. Yep, I’m talking about our girl Taylor, T. Swift, T. Swizzle…okay, I’m done. Now if Katy Perry suited Tinder, she had nothing on Taylor and both of our best conversations in this experiment were the result of Taylor Swift lyrics. What can I say, T. Swift knows how to pick up the guys (and breakup with them but like I said that’s another experiment, can you say we are never getting back together?). I can definitely back using Taylor Swift lyrics for pick up lines on Tinder because we deserve the Love Story from our Wildest Dreams after all we are 22 and Fearless.


Line used: "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone" ~from Love Story

Response: "Yeah if you lemme smash" (YIKES! So maybe not for this lyric)

Line used: "You look like my next mistake" ~from Blank Space

Response: "LOL not sure if I should be flattered or offended"

Alternate Response: "When and Where?"


Line used: "You don't know about me but I bet you want to" ~from 22

Response: "How did you know?"


Line used: "You look like bad news, I gotta have you" ~from 22

Response: "And you look like fun. What are you up to this weekend?"


Line used: "I knew you were trouble when you swiped right" ~from I knew you were trouble

Response: "So, shame on me now?" 


Line used: "I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name" ~from Blank Space

Response: "Maybe you can sing for me sometime"


And the winning line is......

"It feels like a perfect night to fall in love with strangers" ~from 22

Response: "You better act quick, there's only an hour left"


So there you have it. Your complete guide to using song lyrics and movie lines as pick-up lines on Tinder, so next time when you're feeling a little uncreative and want to message someone on Tinder, try out one of our choices (though we don't guarantee that they will work every time).